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New Year’s Eve Traditions - Celebrating with Candles

After the quiet days and silent nights of Christmas… here comes noisy and colourful New Year’s Eve! On December 31, corks are popping, firecrackers and fireworks exploding, people counting down and cheering. Everything is resounding with this noise that marks the beginning of a New Year and originally, would drive away evil spirits.

Everywhere around the world, people always celebrate the turn of the year. And due to the different time zones, it seems as if the New Year arrives more than once!

Internationally famous New Year’s Eve parties are those in public places - like the one in Times Square in New York, where people count down the last seconds of the old year while watching the New Year’s Eve Ball drop.

Everywhere around the world, cities organize impressive fireworks - be it in Sidney at the famous Opera House; or in Dubai at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; or in Berlin at the historic Brandenburger Tor; or in London at Big Ben on the River Thames - and people of all walks of life get together to enjoy the first minutes of the new year by watching the colourful explosion of lights.

Lights are also important for every New Year’s Eve party celebrated at home – be it a romantic dinner for two or a dance party with friends. Especially candles – that last more than any firework or sparkle – can create a festive-glamorous or playful-funny ambience. And you will want to use for your New Year’s Eve party decorations only candles with the RAL Quality Mark as they burn down regularly and do not drip nor do they release soot and smoke. They are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and forms.

Additionally to all the New Year’s Eve racket and typical decorations with balloons, funny hats, confetti and paper streamers, we have also other traditions and customs that should bring us luck and that should disclose our fortune in the year to come.

On December 31, people in Germany present each other with little accessories like four-leave clovers, piglets, chimney sweepers, horseshoes and lucky pennies, which are considered to bestow good luck. These lucky charms appear in almost every New Year’s Eve decoration.

In Italy, Spain and Chile women wear red lingerie as a lucky charm on New Year’s Eve. In Argentina, people are very resolute on New Year’s Eve: they shred all annoying paperwork and throw it demonstratively out of the window – beginning the New Year with a clean sweep.

”Pig” can mean Luck!
The pig is a favourite lucky charm for Germans on New Year’s Eve. There is even the phrase „Schwein haben“ that is translated word by word with “to have a pig” meaning “to be lucky”! At a German New Year’s Eve party, dishes with pork are traditionally served. Vegetarians don’t have to fast though – pink piglets are made also of marzipan.

Lead Pouring
A German tradition on New Year’s Eve is called “lead pouring”. A little amount of lead (or tin) is melted in a spoon above a candle flame. The hot metallic fluid is then poured into cold water transforming into hard, interesting shapes. Similar to reading tea leaves, these lead shapes are interpreted - with a little bit of imagination - as omens for the New Year. If you see a flower - that means “friendship”; a hat signifies “good news”; an anchor means “help in need”.

Tip: The “lead pouring” can easily be replaced by “wax pouring”. You can use leftover Christmas candles with the RAL Quality Mark for the melting and pouring procedure. This is not only a meaningful recycling process but also environmentally more friendly than melting lead or tin. Wax shapes may also foretell you happiness, love, wealth or … whatever good things will happen to you in 2013!

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