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Self-Extinguishing Candles for Christmas

Advent is the season of candles: there is no other time during which so many candles are sold than in these weeks before Christmas. But burning candles let not only eyes shine – an unsupervised candle can become a burning problem. For reducing the fire hazard especially regarding Advent wreaths and Christmassy decorations the manufacturers of candles have searched for a practical, payable, and decorative solution for self-extinguishing candles. The European Association for Quality Mark Candles presents three of them.

The “Safety Clip” from KOPSCHITZ guarantees an early expiring of the flame. KOPSCHITZ presents with the “Safety Clip” a practical solution for all pillar candles with a diameter of 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm until a height of 90 mm as well as for floating candles and ball candles with the diameters mentioned before. The DEKRA checked both candles with and without Safety Clip in a range of examinations. The result is unambiguous: candles with Safety Clip expire before reaching a critical mark. For further details or information please look on www.kopschitz.de or contact Dr. Alexander Kopschitz via phone number +49 8533/ 2 01 56.

The patented SafeStickCandle from WENZEL-KERZEN is ‘made in Germany’ and consists of an invisible wick holder (which keeps the wick straight) in combination with a patented safety candle holder (which guarantees a firm foothold of the candle and prevents leakage of wax). This innovation is interesting for Christmassy decorations and especially for florists. The SafeStickCandle can be integrated easily in each arrangement of flowers or accessories because the safety candle holder is invisible for the viewer‘s eyes. Moreover, SafeStickCandle can be used for safe decorations of tables,… because its candle holder is removable. For further details or a demo video please look on www.wenzel-kerzen.de or get in touch with Jürgen Jaksch via phone number +49 6021/ 34 69 24 or via email jjaksch@wenzel-kerzen.de.

MÜLLER KERZEN developed a clever fire protection system (BSS in German) which is also patented. The special, non-flammable metal discs are integrated and impressed respectively. So, the flame’s extinguishing is guaranteed and the burning wick cannot drop into the wreath anymore. An additional candle plate is not necessary. Candles with this fire protection system bear a silver mark with BSS imprinted. For further details or information please look on www.mueller-kerzen.de or contact Martin Winner via phone number +49 172/ 2 56 95 50.

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