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Under the banner of quality - A trade information of the European Quality Association for Candles.

Quality Mark Candles

  • Quality secured raw material selection for an excellent burning candle

  • Burning tested wicks for a minimized sooting

  • Inspection of all ingredients to the sake of the health of the consumer and the environment


The desire for mood and ease shows is effects in the shops: the candle gains an increasing importance, as the demand during the year proved.Different qualities, especially with non-European imports, and a conscious consumer are reason enough to protect the quality of candles, distributed in Germany.With the development of the RAL „Quality Mark Candles“ we gave a predefined direction: visual documentation of the measurable product quality, certified by independent inspectors from the „DEKRA Umwelt GmbH“. Each candle manufacturer has the chance to participate at the new, timely standard. How this happens, the brochure will briefly explain.With the labelled candles we would like to give especially to you - our trade partner - the safety, that you will distribute health and environment compatible products to your customer.The public reporting indicates the lively interest in product information. As from the beginning we will continue to make a widespread publicity in all German households for the advantage of the „Quality Mark Candle“ as the buying qualifier, make the consumer concious of the obvious advantages related with this label.


Johannes Becker-Flügel

Former executive board chairman European Quality Association for Candles.

The consumer – a touchstone for the retailer

About 14 Million households, supporting and buying sepcifically environment supporting products, have been counted in 1997 within the consumer analysis. They obviously dispose aboute a considerable volume of expediture for goods of the daily need.

Nourished by the media and consumer oriented institutions, this critical and moneyed consumer potential is very open-minded to quality controlled articles. For this consumer group information means: convince with clear facts.

With the strict requirements for the certification the „Quality Mark Candle“ becomes the qualifier for concious consumers, who prefer good quality to the lowest price.

  • Prodcuts with the quality mark burn, if handled properly, evenly and don’t drip. If written on the package, the consumer can be sure of the duration the candle burns.
  • The „Quality Mark Candles“ does not only promise good appearance. Additionally, the formats, the colors, and the measures are constant and reliable.
  • Candles with the quality mark are extraordinarily low in soot and glow only for very short time after being blown out. The manufacturers are obliged, to use neither polluted raw materials nor hazardous candle colours and lacquers.

The candle manufacturers associate themselves for documented security and quality.

Until now, mainly the price was the buying qualifier showing the way through the big variety of offered products. With the question “What do I buy with this product?” the consumer in most cases has been left alone so far.

As it is known by everybody, imperfect knowledge and insecurity causes damage to the business of the manufacturers and the trade partners. With the foundation of the Quality Association Candles almost all well-known manufacturers in the German market commit themselves to follow the quality measurements.

  • Traceable quality measurements of the production and inspection process are bindingly declared. The rule applies, that comparable products can be distinguished from minor ones in the competition.
  • Documented quality and production features that strengthen the confidence of the consumer in the tested goods.
  • Uniform, continuous, and documented inspection procedures create a new conscious for quality in the manufacturing site - from top management to the shop floor.


Which products are allowed carry the quality label?

A manufacturer is only then allowed to label a product with the quality mark, if this product passed a comprehensive initial inspection. The inspection specifications are tangible, objective, and clearly defined. To guarantee a permanent quality standard for his candles, the manufacturer is obliged to an ongoing regular monitoring of his products.

The inspection and monitoring specifications in detail:

- Initial inspection. Passing the initial inspection is the prerequisite for being awarded and permitted to use the quality mark label. The samples are to be taken from the current production. Burning time and behaviour are tested in detail, so, the tip of the wick, once the flame has been blown out, continues to glow for a maximum of 15 sec for a slim candle. The used raw materials are also analysed: sulphur and heavy metal contents have to be within the limits of strict threshold values. E. g. the heavy metal contents must be considerably below the European Norm EN 71 for kid’s toys. Tea lights and sanctuary candles must fullfill detailed specifications, adjusted to their type of usage. The initial inspection is carried out by the “DEKRA Umwelt GmbH”, one of the most important inspection companies in Germany.

  • The self-monitoring. The self-monitoring guarantees a constant and reliable quality. The manufacturer must control his products continuously. This includes regular burning tests according to the specifications of the initial inspection. The candle from the current production must satisfy the same requirements as the initially tested ones: low in soot and smoke, drip fast, and environment compatible. The detailed results of the self-monitoring must be monitored in forms and archived.
  • External monitoring. At minimum, once a year a neutral independent inspector controls the site of the manufacturer. He controls the completeness of the documentation of self-monitorings and their details. In case of an infringement the quality mark can be withdrawn.

The “Quality Mark Candles” is a RAL quality mark: in this country the association “RAL Deutsches Institut fuer Guetesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V.” ( RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Marking) is in charge of the regular usage of the quality mark. They make sure that the quality mark stands for high quality and that the inspection specifications are significant and specific. The “Quality Mark Candle” has been recognized by RAL in August 1997.

The “Quality Mark Candles” is awarded by the “Guetegemeinschaft Kerzen e. V.” (Quality Association Candles) where 28 manufacturers from Germany but also from other European countries are members. Until December 2001 18 manufacturers have passed the award. They make more than 80 % of the German total production of 100.000 tons. Experts expect that the quality mark will succeed as European standard.


If your customer wants to know more details ...

You most probably can expect questions from the consumer from time to time. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us in case of needed detailed information:

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