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Certified base materials RAL Gütezeichen KerzenTested candles RAL Gütezeichen Kerzen Verification of all ingredients

The RAL Quality Mark stands for premium quality

Quality candles
    • Certified base materials – to ensure best quality right from the start.

    • Tested candles – for clean burning without dripping.

    • Checking all ingredients – for the sake of consumers´ health.



    New candle pictures and press releases

    With pillar candles in various colours and with the RAL Quality Mark combined with different types of flowers and unusual accessories you can create a suprising spring decoration.

    Photo credit: Wiedemann GmbH

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    This table decoration is very romantic: the pastel colours - pink, white, light blue - dominate with both flowers and candles with the RAL Quality Mark. The combination of many peony buds and as many taper candles is especially charming and festive.

    Taper candles by ENGELS are available  in many colours and sizes for ca. 3,75€ in the online shop.


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    After the quiet days and silent nights of Christmas… here comes noisy and colourful New Year’s Eve! On December 31, corks are popping, firecrackers and fireworks exploding, people counting down and cheering. Everything is resounding with this noise that marks the beginning of a New Year and originally, would drive away evil spirits.


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    Advent is the season of candles: there is no other time during which so many candles are sold than in these weeks before Christmas. But burning candles let not only eyes shine – an unsupervised candle can become a burning problem. For reducing the fire hazard especially regarding Advent wreaths and Christmassy decorations the manufacturers of...

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    Especially during the Christmas season, when many candles are lit simultaneously, we should take notice of the RAL Quality Mark when buying candles. The RAL Mark guarantees that the candles burn evenly with a low soot and smoke release. Furthermore, candles with the RAL Quality Mark do not contain any harmful substances.

    The use of real candles...

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    RAL-GZ 041

    Here you find the Quality Assurance RAL-GZ 041.


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